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Report back 22 arrested

Breaking News blips of info
About 22 arrested
PIMC 3:30 police leave - 100 people take back the park chanting "Our Park!"

riot cops leaving loud chants from crowd "Shame! Shame!"

police van is back - a protester on crutches walks to get in van, another protester is lifted by arms into van - van leaves 3:23am

another protester is walked to police car from the park

PIMC: 1 protesters dragged to police car - 3 or 4 still left at 3:10

crowd is yelling loudly, around police van as it was leaving, horse cops present

PIMC police van is leaving full of arrested, Still a few laying in park ...police dragging one by one to police car at 3:05

PIMC: around 2 dozen just got arrested in Jamison Park 2:30 AM - Over 100 riot cops - hundres watch from sidewalk in solidarity

Solidarity Jail Support is being announced
small group remains.

Remaining going back to main camp

Horse shit is everywhere in the park

Video coming soon

Wait, what? 30.Oct.2011 11:27

I mean...

I thought the cops were part of the 99%? What's going on here? Are you sure they were arresting them and not just taxi-ing them back to their safe warm homes? There must be some mistake here. The cops are on our side. You, know: the 99%.

Thats what I asked them last night as I was filming 30.Oct.2011 14:42

Joe Anybody

Iknow ...I know.... golly ... maybe their boss didnt tell them,.... or maybe (THOSE) cops dont read indymedia

Horse shit was all over Jamison Square 30.Oct.2011 14:45


once agin

portland police "shit on the occupy portland movement" and then leave

smelly horse shit was left all over the place

Domestic animal owners' responsibilities 30.Oct.2011 15:46


Will the city administration, as the final owner of the police gang's animals, do what citizen animal owners are obliged to responsibly do in cleaning up after their animals?

All police animal outings should be followed up with surge of city sanitary crews, as appropriate, to remove the horse shit and neutralize the horse piss.

Are there any other cases of municipal actions, after city maintenance and construction projects, for instance, whereby the area of that activity isn't cleaned-up?

On these two scores, then:

1. urban animal owners cleaning up after their animals and;

2. effects, as either or both sanitary and safety matters, proceeding from city projects (public works, policing, et al) debris and temporary hazards removed and normal safety and health conditions restored --

the City of Portland's current policy would seem to be grossly and flagrantly irresponsible in not cleaning up after the PPB mounties frolics.

When will the city administration remedy this 19th century, "open range" laissez-faire relic exemption for itself from its health and safety code?

Picking up the horse crap is just as doable for city sanitation forces as it is for citizen pet owners, who are required under penalty of law to scoop-up or otherwise remove the fecal deposits that their animals leave in outdoor public spaces.

more than 22 30.Oct.2011 16:19


police report says 30 were arrested in the park

Bedouin 30.Oct.2011 18:49

saber tooth

Who cleans the shit toilets for the Occupiers, who pays for all that shit? The 99% or George soros?

Soros, along with the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission 31.Oct.2011 03:27

kommissar michael moore presiding

They drop the money in big canvas bags from their chemtrail-spraying black helicopters.