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Study! Train! The next step in the Occupy Movement

The next step: A new-old idea -- there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Find a model that worked in the past and use that. Find a mentor or mentors who have already succeeded in a peaceful revolution, even if you need to bring them from overseas.
Study! Train! with Models that worked in the past

A new-old idea -- there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Find a model that worked in the past and use that. Find some of the people who used them, and get training. That's how the lunch counters in Nashville were integrated in the 1960s -- they had diligent training from someone who had studied and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using Gandhi's peaceful resistance. Another success was Otpor! (the Serbian word for Resistance) who got their training in peaceful government overthrow from -- guess who? -- the US Army. They drove out the war criminal Slobodan Milosevic peacefully. The Occupy movement has much in common with Otpor!

There are wonderful videos on these and other peaceful revolutions. Please order copies and use them as ideas and models that work.

The Milosevic one is called "Bringing Down a Dictator." A quote from the DVD cover: "Otpor! students were the shock troops in what became an army of human rights and pro-democracy activists who systematically undermined police and army loyalto to Milosevic and forced him to call early elections. When Milosevic refused to accept his defeat at the polls [which were diligently monitored by Otpor!] the people responded with a general strike. As normal life ground to a halt, Serbs by the hundreds of thousands descended on the capital on October 5, 2000, to seize the parliament in a dramatic triumph for democracy. Milosevic was arrested and extradited to the Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity in June 2001."

There is also a set of 6 videos (on 2 discs) called "A Force More Powerful." That force -- yes, it's force -- is passive resistance. Or peaceful war. Each incident describes the management and processes used in each situation: Memphis; India (Gandhi); South Africa; Denmark (resistance to the Nazis); Chile.

These are a must see for large movements such as Occupy!

Here is how to order them, and the Multnomah County Library has more than one set of "Bringing Down a Dictator," two of which are immediately available as of 10/28/11. They have one copy of "A Force More Powerful," which is 6 movies.


A few problems. 29.Oct.2011 15:54

A local resident

The thing with this push for nonviolent activity is that several very pertinent questions have been raised and critiques leveled which should make us pause before charging forward with more of the same. I wouldn't be able to do these considerations justice here, but luckily both Ward Churchill's 'pacifism as pathology' and Peter Gelderloos' 'How Nonviolence Protects the State' are quick reads, available online (free) here  link to zinelibrary.info

This post does nothing to address the issues that have been raised in works like those above, and also in lengthier books like Endgame and Deep Green Resistance (also available from the Mult Co library). I hope that you are in fact prepared to face these concerns and address them.

also 30.Oct.2011 10:19


here's the link to 'How Nonviolence Protects the State'

here are selected sections of Derrick Jensen's popular book Endgame - 'On Pacifism and Violence'

Once again, these are free. No ordering ($) involved.