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PDX/Occupy Portland March against Tar Sands Extraction and the Keystone XL Pipeline

In conjunction with Occupy Portland, Climate Justice Portland, Tar Sands Action/350.org and a growing list of other environmental and political groups, there will be a rally, march and encirclement of the Portland Federal Courthouse, opposite Pioneer Square on 11/6. The details are below. I have also attached the event flyer, which you may distribute around campus and your neighborhoods. I was involved in the civil disobedience action this past Summer with Bill McKibben and others. There is a great need for people who understand what is happening to life and our collective humanity, to unite to preserve what remains for future generations. Please join us!
2PM, November 6th: March against Tar Sands Extraction and the Keystone XL Pipeline: Encircle the Portland Courthouse Federal Building in Solidarity with 350.org
Share the Facebook Event Widely: www.facebook.com/xlpipelinepdx; Please signup for the event.
2:00 PM: Assemble at Terry Schrunk Plaza (allowing access for those participating in Occupy Portland). Sign-ins, poster and flyer distribution teams, etc.
IMPORTANT: We will focus on how we can engage in future action.
2:15 PM: Various speakers, roughly 3 minutes each
2:30 PM: March begins (Route TBA)
3:00 PM: Arrive at Pioneer Federal Courthouse, across from Pioneer Square.
Begin encircling it, probably single-file, and continue based on the size of the crowd **If enough people will expand to Pioneer Square**
3:00- 4:00 PM: Continue sign-ins and education about current and future action. Interact with the public.
4:00 PM: Begin to leave

What is at stake:

Beneath a green sweep of Boreal fen and forest in northern Alberta lies a promise of addiction tar sands that are being refined into petroleum products like gasoline. With the tar sands, Canada has the second largest oil reserves on Earth.
Proposed is a massive 7 billion dollar pipeline to transport this oil-The Keystone XL. To be routed from Hardisty, Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast, this tar sands pipeline is set to cross the country's largest freshwater source, the Ogallala Aquifer (30% of all agriculture), and the fragile Sandhills of Nebraska, posing devastating consequences to human health, livestock and agriculture.
If we stop construction of the pipeline- we will choke off the supply at the source and put a major dent in TransCanada Corps profits and the viability of exploiting this oil.

What else happens if we don't stop Tar Sands extraction?
James Hansen, one of the world's leading climatologists wrote: "The carbon emissions from tar shale and tar sands would initiate a continual unfolding of climate disasters over the course of this century. We would be miserable stewards of creation. We would rob our own children and grandchildren."
In addition to the destruction of the water, land, indigenous communities, people's health, production of enormous toxic waste areas that are visible from space, destruction of one quarter of the Earth's remaining intact forests and 11% of the planet's terrestrial carbon storehouses (an area the size of Florida)- the Tar Sands oil extraction project produces 3 times the global warming pollution of conventional fuel. The burning of fossil fuels is making our oceans acidic, destroying our climate and jeopardizing food and water security for billons on the planet.

In the face of this threat to the 99%- what does the US State Department have to say about Tar Sand oil exploitation? Drill-baby-drill. However, final approval of the pipeline is Obama's decision- he and he alone can stop the pipeline.
Fight the global plutocracy- as Chomsky refers to it," the rule by the wealthy or power provided by wealth that is destroying life on this planet."

Join us at 2:00 PM at Terry Schrunk Plaza at 1200 SW 3rd St, downtown Portland. This event is endorsed by Occupy Portland and Climate Justice Portland.

phone: phone: 503-809-9383