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Grey Coast Anarchist News, New Website Launched

Grey Coast Anarchist News has recently been launched out of a growing need for a common source of information-sharing on events and news stories that are relevant to anarchists in the Portland area. We will be posting news from our own communities, as well as stories from other national and international communities with which anarchists from the grey coast have direct or indirect ties.

Grey Coast Anarchist News also has (A) Calendar of Events and users can add their events to this. We hope that this site will provide more exposure for the excellent writing by anarchists in the Portland area, which often ends up on various blogs that few people know about, let alone read, and which eventually disappears into the ether.

The current site is fully functional. Stories and events may be posted anonymously, though all stories will be checked for relevancy before being promoted to the front page. Within the next month the site will switch over to a better platform (Drupal) and run from anarchist-operated servers.

homepage:  http://greycoastanarchists.org
Grey Coast Anarchist News
Grey Coast Anarchist News
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