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Congressman Earl Blumenauer mercilessly heckled at Occupy Portland rally

Congressman Earl Blumenauer recently voted in favor of the Korea FTA and Panama FTA bills. Both bills passed and were signed into law by President Obama. Free trade agreements destroy local economies both in Oregon and in foreign countries. By allowing products to cross borders, but not people, FTAs empower and enrich corporations, while dis-empowering the working class.
Free Trade advocate Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Free Trade advocate Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Today Blumenauer attempted to speak at the Occupy Portland rally in Pioneer Square. As he took the stage there was a chorus of BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOs.

And there was chanting: "Show me what hypocrisy looks like! This is what hypocrisy looks like!" "Fair Trade! Not Free Trade!"

And there were more outbursts: "Hypocrite!" "Resign from Congress!"

When Blumenauer called on the crowd to seek out good leadership, he was met with the call "Not you!"

When he spoke about Portland doing well in these times, several people loudly asked, "What about East Portland?" He had no reply.

He was also met with the occupation hand signal for "long-winded, wrap-it-up."

Congressman Earl Blumenauer answers to the corporate interests of the 1%. Let's continue to let him know that he is NOT welcome at Occupy Portland events.

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Good to see Blumenauer being shouted down.
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