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Occupy into Action II

Sunday October 30th at Occupy Portland, Rising Tide along with allies from the Portland IWW ( http://portlandiww.org/) are organizing a 2nd day of workshops focused on building critical skills needed to empower activists in the Occupy movement to battle oppression and create real change in our communities and beyond.
Workshops will take place rain or shine at Occupy Portland. Check the event board at the Occupy Portland library (North park) day-of for exact location details.

11am-2pm Non-Violent Direct Action: Learn the basics of planing and executing a successful direct action. This will cover choosing a target and creative ideas, making a plan and assigning roles. Come prepared to participate in a hands on role play at the end!

2:30-4pm Intro to Blockades & Direct Action Tactics Learn how to use a variety of blockades in direct action scenarios. Get immediate results and make your voice heard. We will be doing role plays and trying out different scenarios.

4-5:30pm Power & Privilege: Dismantling Hierarchies Within Activist Communities Discuss the intricate power dynamics of privilege that impact all elements of our daily lives yet largely go unnoticed.

6-7:00pm Occupy your workplace: Radical Unionism, w/ the Portland IWW

Occupy into Action II is brought to you by Portland Rising Tide (www.portlandrisingtide.org), a local group working for climate justice and against the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

See you there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandrisingtide.org