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155,000 dead in 2011

155,000 more Northern Pike Minnows have been killed in 2011
In 2010 the Government paid a bounty of between $4 and $8 to fishermen for dead Northern Pike Minnows and 174,000 were killed. Why are the Northern Pike Minnows being killed, because they eat salmon. Both the salmon and the Northern Pike Minnow are native to the Columbia, Willamette and Snake rivers. They have co-evolved for 10s of thousands of years but humans put more value on the life of a Salmon so the Pike Minnows are slaughtered.

Now in 2011 the killing season for the Northern Pike Minnow has just ended with only 155,000 killed this tear to save salmon. Another year gone and another year of uncaring from the Portland Animal Rights Community. Millions of Pike Minnows have been killed in Portlands backyard since 1991 and 10s of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to kill these native co-evolved salmon predators - and the animal rights community remains silent. The silence of the Portland ARA's exists in 2011 even after being alerted to the killing in 2009 and 2010. The Portland ARA's have penty of time to protest the zoo, OSHU, ODFW, fur farms and businesses that sell animal parts - yet not a finger has been lifted to help the native Northern Pike Minnow. Why? Monkeys are cute and intelligent, fish are not. Elephants are intelligent, fish are out of sight and easily ignored. Wolves look like the dogs we keep and hold in forced captivity, fish do not.

The species the Portland ARA's choose to "protect" are cute and intelligent and that is why they are the targeted for protection. The Pike Minnow is a classic example of "cuteness" over numbers. The Pike Minnow and the Califronia sea lion both are native salmon predators on the Columbia River. In 2011 the government killed only one sea lion on the Columbia River for the crime of eating salmon, this killing was met with protests and court action. By contrast in 2011 155,000 Northern Pike Minnows were killed on the Columbia River for the same crime - eating salmon. But Portlands ARA's remain silent allowing the pike minnow to be killed for bounty.