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people are genvinly interested
people are interested in what is happening here people that had never before thavght that a movement was possible or what a movement even is if the momentvm can continve the way it was on day one with the same vrgency the same drive the same forward looking force the people need revolvtionary projects banner drop projects fvn physical work people are talking about stopping the food for the masses some however that work in the kitchen say that to stop feeding the people wovld defeat the pvrpose of the revolvtion this is a revolvtion of compassion that compassion is the reason there is a kitchen the other sovp lines in town are complaining that they are loosing heads that government fvnding depends on the heads they serve a man lays on a bench for days and days scabs seriasis deep bleeding on his hands no one has ever taken care for him he will not eat the kitchen brings him broth and oats slowly he eats a few bites ever so slowly he regains his strength now we see him walking abovt he will talk with others jvst a few words he is still alive they say the campers shovld work bvt this is not a work camp work here needs to be inclvsive not exclvsive no bosses no employees no borders yes here there are many refvgees no back tent deals no factions no on line donation scams corvptionears need not apply