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Occupy Reality: It’s The Corruption Stupid

This level of community angst (there were a lot of people marching and a lot of occupied cities) is not so much about capitalism as a form of economic viability as it is about how criminality infiltrates capitalistic tendencies. There is probably "no" country more corrupt that our current empire here in the United States. That is the main issue. Not just corporate greed but its caustic effects in bribing Congress, the news media, the Executive branch of government, and the alienation of the majority of other countries against our lies, deceit, our government corrupting other peoples, the wars, and the torture, etc.
Occupy Reality: It's The Corruption Stupid

By Greg Green

A spontaneous fire ignited here in the United States with a small group of people starting Occupy Wall Street. It turned out to be more of a conflagration than what much of placid America expected. Even the Mainstream Media (MSM) had to pay attention when the Brooklyn Bridge was closed down. We had become a nation of doldrums or idiots seemingly too self-absorbed to think serious thoughts about how screwed up this nation has become and continues to become.

But now that the splash has landed how will the movement and the frustrated regroup? How can this movement build into something more penetrating and long-term and not dither into sound bite oblivion?

Obviously a good portion of the corporate media elite has painted some pictures of the "meaning" of this movement often using their typical "snide" labels to suggest the discontent are really rather naïve—that is in comparison to their own "infallible" wisdom (read smugness). The typical Marxist "commie" comes easily to the scene (and no doubt socialists want to "capitalize" on political alienation—understandably so).

We are told by those palsy, pundits most business people are honest and well intentioned. We are told that socialism fails. We are told that the rich deserve to be rich (and so naturally the poor deserve to be poor). An argument is made that many people think corporate executives are paid too much (I think it is called tax dollar bailouts to criminals). In another words the Occupy movements may be well intentioned but ultimately, according to the corporately owned and manipulated media, activists are misguided, as in just the usual malcontents and various unsophisticated peoples (you know those people who don't understand how economics works).

But this level of community angst (there were a "lot" of people marching in parades in a "lot" of occupied cities!) is not so much about capitalism as a form of economic viability as it is about how "criminality" infiltrates capitalistic tendencies—especially lasses faire capitalism that preaches the market, investors and big shots can do no wrong.

Yet there is probably "no" country more corrupt that our current empire here in the United States. This is the main issue—corruption—not just corporate greed but its caustic effects in bribing Congress, in controlling the news media and political debates, in running the Executive branch of government, and in alienating the majority of other countries against our lies and "professional" deceit—including our government corrupting other peoples elsewhere with tax dollar paid bribes, wars, torture, etc.

So let's get "real" about what we are dealing rather than changing the topic to articulating "all" the rights we think we are entitled as Homo sapiens. Point blank—we are dealing with the some of the riches people who have ever existed. We are dealing with some of the most corrupt and vicious people on the planet who can afford to do whatever it takes to get their way. And we are dealing with some of the most dominated and manipulated news media infrastructures that have ever existed (including deceit paid by our own tax dollars to deceive us). Some of these people do not give one iota of a damn about anybody's human rights. So if you or your buddy think this battle is mostly about saving some Union's or non-profit branch's hefty pension plans you are wacko. This is about survival, security, and sanity in a world that has little of these realities.

This movement erupted because the Democratic Party "failed" to look out for the average guy—irrespective of political affiliation. This was, at least briefly, an event that stated the System En Large has failed to represent the people. This happened with frustration that says it is time to "abandon" the two major parties.

Now various groups are trying to create dominate themes to suggest the old order of democratic platform issues are the main issues, while others are trying to give a Marxist or anarchist spin to who was behind the populist marches. Meanwhile Tea Party marches have their own spin rebellion.

Still we are dealing with a highly corrupt order who are used to manipulating naïve people with simplistic slogans and sound bites—not to mention demagoguery. One only witness the quality of candidates the Republics spawned of late to get an idea of the intellectual level of many Americans.

The only candidate with any real integrity, grit, sanity, in their fold is Ron Paul (not saying he is perfect) and yet the MSM tries to ignore him as much as possible—despite the fact he is 10 times smarted that the rest combined (not to mention his long record of public service). Take a recent wire story in which "he" introduced a bill to limit Federal Judge" powers and the other republican candidates were mentioned in the article and his role was revealed in the second last paragraph. (This is not stating the bill is a good idea or not but simply showing how the weasels in the MSN try to marginalize people who could and would try to change the status quo.)

Or maybe you think that people in power, who don't give a damn about Iraqis or Afghanis or Libyans will still give a damn about you? Wake up young people and smell the blood brooding. Today's wars are fought for profit. They are fought for resources. They are argued with lies about evil monsters being unresponsive to the peoples' rights elsewhere (the latest demon being Moammar Gadhafi).

It takes a shallow, selfish people to buy into this stuff about how great our patriotic mission around the world. And that is the ugliness of a spoiled and stupid people—there are always plenty full of hate, rage, and self-righteousness to ready to be manipulated by any brainless demagogue of FOX news or the like. Never over-estimate the gullibility of the American people—they seem to have great capacity to go even lower.

America has never exported democracy. It is not something one can export. We have lived by coercion for a long time. We don't even have democracy by vote here in the United States. Elections are stolen and manipulated. The MSM "marginalized" Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul last election because the powers behind the puppet power didn't feel either was manipulable enough. Either might have actually fought for "real" change. Instead we got the usual "rhetoric" served on a platter while the banksters laugh all the way to the bank. (And we are always so good with words and speech-craft—which last long enough to outlast the memory span.)

But Obama is proof positive that speeches don't make policy. He had us fooled with his "liberal" Harvard law degree and constitutional lawyer stuff. Not only did a lot of white men vote for him there were even republicans who secretly voted for him because they felt so betrayed by W. Bush's criminal outfit.

Where is the political movement for more investigations into private companies that count the ballots with their electronic devises while their same company executives "donate" money to partisan causes? Why did the Democratic Party pretty much ignore this issue? It is because the Democratic Party is AS corrupt as the Republican Party. Ralph Nader tried to tell people and few wanted to take heed—including so called leftist pundits and publications like The Nation. (It was always about saving the Democratic Party as the only viability).

And now we are getting the same phony stint of a rebellion. Too many "lefty" pundits and PR organizations have invested into the Democratic Party and the Keep Israel Safe program and that is where they get their funding and direction. They can't stand the idea of admitting the Democratic Party and Republican Party ought be dumped completely. It's too radical for their meek souls. It could mean real change. After all most torture is happening elsewhere even if Gulag Gitmo is still in operation.

Now we have the usual socialist/ anarchist/ seeming misfits making news with police brutality scenes. With cameras and audio recordings we can hear a few protestors "taunting" police in the Bay area (as female "innocents" play word games of provocative sarcasm with men trained to obey orders—so Heroic).

The definition of an Agent Provocateur is someone who insinuates himself, or herself, into an organization in order to get others in that group to engage in activities to get those people punished. But such a provocateur doesn't actually have to work for the opposition. He or she can simply be antisocial or have tendencies of confrontation—say an ingrained prejudicial hatred of authority. (An granted there are police officers who are willing to engage in hatred and prejudice toward protestors.) But what is the outcome expected here? Is this just another example of a small contingent of rebels helping to provoke violence so as to allow the MSM to brushstroke the whole movement of people as unworthy of social commentary—that they can be dismissed outright?

Yet this is so typical of the pretense of sincerity about political issues in this country for the left because many mainstream democrats who live in houses and have jobs have already moved on the their normal work day—leaving the drama to people who live on the street, who don't have work, who are young and restless, etc. And yes they have real "issues" but what happens to the rest of the 99% of us that are feeling betrayed—leaving this folly up to a more anarchist prone frustration?

Nevertheless this movement is first and foremost about recognizing the high levels of criminality of "some" of the elite in this country and how it affects people here at home and abroad. It is not about asking for every Utopian right imaginable.

But even our "own" attitudes, as the common people, seem corrupted. Many, (obviously not those on the street), have come to expect too much. We as a society have exported the "idea" of being spoiled as a religion of consumerism—with all the anticipation of greed that goes along with wealth. Maybe we didn't invent this level economic presumption but we certainly capitalized it. And so now the rest of the world hankers for the life style we have taken as some God-given right. But in reality land we must recognize that we live in a world of "limited" resources—even if more and more peoples in more countries are in want of "our" presumption of lifestyle. (Still the State Department is lecturing everyone else on how to be and how to live up to stellar ideals. Imagine that. It must be Halloween.)

Some people are not so much interested in "changing" the levels of crime—rather they are mostly interested in getting "their" presumed share of the pie. It's kind of like arguing that if black slavery initially created wealth in America well damn it then today in the 21st century I want "my" share of such wealth—even if I didn't do anything to earn it.

[Note this author is "not" a political ideologue. He does not belong to any political party—and frankly the minute you claim to adhere to a party you "forfeit" your right to be independent. Each social and political topic deserves its own evaluation irrespective of what some dogmatic "party" or ideology has come to decide by those controlling the strings of the ideology and party.]

This is not the most propitious time to scream for every "human right" imaginable. Sure it would be nice if everyone born in the entire world was guaranteed a "right" to a living wage (whatever that means) and a right to decent housing, and adequate medical care (whatever that means), etc. But if you think this current battle, in the here and now, is about a bunch of guarantees you are living in Disneyland (if you can't even discern that your first and major goal is simply to stop the "high" levels of corporate and governmental corruption).

[Note: A lot of people in this movement are homeless or jobless or lost their homes due to bad mortgages, etc. People down on their luck deserve high consideration and help but people on average tend to be vulnerable to dogma and like to listen to those who tell them what they want to hear. For example, once upon a time people of the rainbow coalition could talk about the "angry white male" as feeling disenfranchised to some kind of expected presumption; but now we have "angry white women" and "angry Jewish men (who were always white but could claim minority status), and "angry college graduates", etc. (the 99%) who are equally feeling disenfranchised. These people too are feeling downsized. Truths, to various degrees, can be an ugly thing.]

Why are we involved in so many wars? It is called profit (as well as resources and regional politics). Why have so many jobs have gone overseas? It is called profit. Why has the U.S. Government supported so many dictators over the last decades (like Iran's Shah)? It is called profit. Why was the Obama Administration usurped by the Clinton Wall Street crowd and AIPAC—it is called profit and keeping Israel's needs first as priority.

Democratic money launders are still in the take for the status quo. While one sixth of the world lives in slums some here are still whining about a right to retirement at a decent age? (It most be nice to have the option to retire early from a pension plan—many people don't have any retirement plan at all).

But reality and awareness of history recognizes you are not guaranteed anything. Rights are notions people struggle for and the value of each specific right fluctuates based on The Peoples' vigilance and keenness of mind. Here in America some of our best energies go to analyzing sports teams and wining and dining (bread and circus).

There is no such thing as human rights in a culture that has been given you the Patriot Act. It is illusion to suppose things that don't really exist. This is about catch up—not idealism. "Guaranteed" education starts by supporting your public library.

Don't let corporate media manipulate your sentiments as just a passing whims—as if there are no real issues here in the United States except a continuous fractious siding with either Roosevelt and Reagan. This is not about democrats versus republicans. This is about recognizing the incontrovertible truth—the system is broken. We need real change by getting new political coalitions that will stop feeding the massive two party system. Whereas arguing for Utopian pie in the sky rights in today's reality is just another form of "self-marginalization".

Rule 1: Know Thy Enemy—and too often the enemy is presumption.

One of the biggest fears for many people including some in power is the unmitigated birth rate. But who or what is addressing that issue? We can't even get past the abortion issue—and yet if there was ever a "right" that deserved merit—it is the right to recognize that smart kids don't necessarily want to be born into this human world. They want insanity of humanity and all its problems, anxieties and threats. And furthermore they don't deserve it. (If we already had Utopia fine—but if just thinking it might be out there somewhere—well save them the hell of trying to find it.)

The world cannot handle more and more babies. There are too many mouths to feed. Yeah starry-eyed optimists might think if we could just stop human nature as is and carnivores we could feed plenty of people. Guess what—this is NOT Utopia. The world is "not" going to just going to fork over peace to peace-lovers and meet everyone's' needs like we might hope.

Basically you have the haves and have-nots. The haves are going to do everything in their power to maintain their power. They are not going to get your enlightenment like you wish they would. They typically disdain and or fear those they feel are beneath them—even if they themselves are lower on some spiritual dimension. (Even some of the founders of this nation understood that.)

There is no perfection of humanity—irrespective of religious aspiration. Whereas people who think they are "worthy" because they "provoke" police are simply playing jackass to machines. They are playing games not with power but will illusion. Police are enforcers of laws set out by others in power. It is a sideshow to play this game because there is not intelligence or will to play the game at the "law making" level.

This country is going into an "inevitable" downsize. These financial crisis are about over spending on credit—and the corrupted financial elite that capitalized on feeding credit cards and other loans (bad paper and doing so deliberately while maintaining they didn't understand).

If I were a 20 year old I would be worried about being recruited or inducted into a war of not my making and not truly in my favor. I would be worried about not being profiled by a KGB. I would be worried about the potential of riots in a economic breakdown or being sent to a concentrations camp or a torture chamber when jackboots came to power. I would not being demanding that this government owes me a job. This planet still has 20,000 nuclear warheads (not to mention all the other weapons and secrets related).

I would be worried about the "extensive" propaganda machine that spews out phony terrorist plots. I would be worried about police and FBI agents that don't even have the intelligence to realize that airplane highjackers trained to fly small planes can't reasonably highjack big jumbo planes. I
would be worried about how hegemonic the Pentagon has become. A police state has been evolving. Occupy Reality.