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Gernika Treaty - protests in Basque Land

A huge crowd protests in Bilbo to promote peace and political normalization in Euskal Herria (Basque Land)


Tens of thousands of people give "important impetus" to the process "that seeks peace and political normalization"

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Bilbao to participate in a mass demonstration called by the signatories of the Gernika, which embodies social support for the settlement process." In this situation, which is unprecedented in the recent history of our people, is the key for Basque citizens," was the message that the signatories of the Gernika have wanted to convey to the audience.

BILBO. After the historic declaration by ETA on Thursday, tens of thousands of people have crowded Bilbo to participate in a demonstration called by the signatories of Gernika, demonstrating the broad social support for the settlement process to the conflict.

The forecasts of support for this initative are clear, the streets have been filled carrying the banner of Autonomy. Many Basque media, national and even international have covered the event.

At the conclusion of the march, and Ainhoa Arrondo Etxaide Bethlehem, on behalf of the signatories of the Gernika, have stressed that the objective of the demonstration was "to give a major boost to this process, which pursues peace and political normalization", which moreover," should bring a comprehensive solution" to the Basque conflict.

They recalled that the International Conference held last Monday in Donostia "opened a window bringing fresh air", in the form of "meaningful proposals to promote the solution that will bring lasting peace that we have never known."

"But they --have stressed-- proposals lack validity if recipients do not respond positively. ETA has already responded," they said. "ETA's decision is, above all, a clear call to the responsibility of all stakeholders and the responsibility of society as a whole."

Signatories to the Agreement that support Gernika, state that in this situation "that is unprecedented in recent history of our people, we are the Basque citizens, we are the key."

"If we want each other to move, we are the Basque people who have to push this with all our strength," highlighted in Euskera and Castilian.

Attending the march

Among those attending the protest, which was held under the motto "Euskal Herriak konponbidea nahi du" are familiar faces representing the different agents that have signed the Agreement of Gernika, such as Niko Moreno, Joseba Permach, Pernando Barrena, Eugenio Etxebeste and Maribi Ugarteburu (Ezker abertzalea), Pello Urizar, Ikerne Iztueta Badiola and Angels (EA), Oskar Matute (Alternatiba) and Patxi Zabaleta (Aralen).

On 25 September 2010, representatives from four of the major political groups signed the Agreement of Gernika, reiterated appeals to address conflict settlement, while urged Basque society to become active agents for this.

Martxelo Toledo, Jesús Uzkudun, Iñaki Age, Paul Bilbao, Izaskun Guarrotxena or Joxe Iriarte Bikila, are also on the march.

Attendees began the walk 15 minutes late due to the large influx of people, and in the very beginning, chants for the release of political prisoners and Basque Independence filled the main streets of the capital Biscay. These chants were been repeated throughout the course of the demonstration.

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