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The Occupier Intervies- Take 2

Oct. 26, 2011 I met Christian at the Occupy Portland Movement in downtown Portland. He is 20 years old and living at the occupation site. I asked him to speak about the movement. These are his words.
Q- What's it like living here?

Christian- Its going good here but people need to start remembering that we are all people and we are not that different from each other after all. Same basic wants, same basic needs. Only difference is a lot of people don't know the truth. The truth can never be written down or spoke, it can only be believed. My opinion is more people need to want faith. We need to not make assumptions of people by the way that they look, smell, or act. We should assume everyone is a good person. We think that we are good, so why not think the same about everyone else. It's hard to remind ourselves of this but we must be humble and not judge others. It's all in the Bible.

It took me a lot of experiences to be humbled but I am humbled. How can you know someone deserves to be beaten, arrested, or judged? You'd have to be all knowing, therefore you'd be God. If you wanna say something say it. If you wanna do something do it because you feel it is the right thing to do. Don't convince yourself you need to do it because you don't have to.

The simplest answer is the truest answer. That why Im here. If there's a place to change the world its here.

We have to humble ourselves always.

There are no coincidences. Music is always true because it comes from the soul. Because you believe it.

I can understand why people hate Christians. Some have forgotten to humble themselves. Luckily I have angels and God to help me do it. I've been through all the drugs, partying, fighting, hating, fear, loathing and lusting. But I had to remember to humble myself. If you want to judge me, remember the truth, remember to humble yourself. If you know yourself, you'll always know the truth.