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The Occupier Interviews- Take 1

This is an interview with a man who goes by Darth Vader. He is a middle aged man, living at the Occupy movement in downtown Portland. He has lived in Portland on and off for the last thirty years. I was eating lunch next to him on a bench in the center of the Occupy Portland movement near the art tent. We struck up a conversation and he was more than happy to have me hand record his perspective on the movement.
Recorded and transcribed by Owen Dell

Q- What is your perspective on the Occupation?

A- "We gotta get hooked up to other websites. Need to go nationally with this. Also, its time to bring down bank fees. We need free savings accounts and better loans. Real estate loans are way too high. Banks are always too shiny. If our identification is with the bank we are with the wrong system.

Q- How is it living at the Occupation?

A- Its been a great way to meet and greet with other people. I have trouble with authority figures but I want someone to pay attention. I like making friends. I want people to like me and I try my best to be there for them. Im concerned with the street roots people. The people whose only home, only roots, are on the street. We dont have a place to stay, and we cant sleep.