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OPMC regular events

OPMC is a collective of experienced independent media makers who have gathered together for the purpose of creating videos covering the events surrounding OP, as well as holding skillshares for the general public to pass on some of the valuable media making experience our participants have gained over the years.
Here is a run down of our regular schedule of events, we'll update people with the particulars of each event here on PIMC, on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10PM-Midnight the B Media Collective (OPMC member) is holding the People's Cinema. For each showing we hope to provide a short news update on events relevant to the Occupy movement, along with political and artistic shorts and feature length film that spotlight revolutionary history, that are just entertaining, or both. The series is participatory in that we encourage suggestions from Occupiers and will do our best to obtain copies of a suggested film and show it.

OPMC workshop series: Every Wednesday from 4-6 PM and Sunday afternoon we will be holding media skillshares in the workshop tent by the library in Lownsdale Square. We will discuss particular technical skills such as how to use cameras as well as more esoteric topics around media policy. An example of one of the workshops we've held so far is a discussion on what your rights are as an independent journalist while filming the police.