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THIS Friday: "This Land is Our Land" Free Concert Supporting Occupy Portland

This Friday, October 28, at Pioneer Courthouse Square, between noon and 1:30 p.m. there will be a free concert, super-rally and community sing-along supporting Occupy Portland/Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Friday, October 28 (THIS Friday)
"This Land is Our Land"
Pink Martini and Storm Lange performing; various speakers
Free concert, super-rally and community sing-along
Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland
noon to 1:30 p.m.

A fun and festive gathering which articulates support of the Occupy Portland/Occupy Wall Street Movement and inspires people to get involved in peaceful movements for social and economic justice.

See  http://www.pioneercourthousesquare.org Click on Upcoming Events 10/28.

Anyone know what time Earl is speaking? 26.Oct.2011 23:48

big fan

I want to heckle, what time should I be there?

stop think 27.Oct.2011 09:42

this land is OUR land?

No! This land was stolen from the Native people's who lived here before European invaders & settlers arrived.

I strongly object to calling a social justice rally "This Land is Our Land".

For once, can we recognize indigenous cultures & give some respect to the REAL history of the U.S. & the Pacific Northwest?

who is sponsoring this? 27.Oct.2011 09:47

just wondering

It smacks of the liberal lack of understanding of the urgency of the issues we face.

We don't need a party, we need real sustained militant action to bring the banks and 1%er's into some kind of accountability.

Seems like Portland's typcial "nice" respons to social crises: just drumming & dancing in the Square.

Just add puppets & costumes.

Can't we figure out something REALLY radical to do?