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Help us raise funds for the Homeless.

I am the founder of Living On The Streets and we need your help.
Good morning or afternoon as the case may be. That is the wonderful thing about the world wide web, it works 24/7. My name is Anthony Antolic and I am the founder of Living On The Streets and we need your help. If you have not noticed it is getting cold out there and many of our homeless brothers and sisters are in need. While Living On The Streets takes donations, we would prefer that you buy one of our products or just tell your friends about us. Because awareness is our primary goal. For we hope to put a human face on homeless America. With a kind word and supportive manner, no one in need is ever turned away. For if someone is ready to help himself, a change is only around the corner. We offer food and blankets for those who are going to be sleeping on the streets to night. We try to pay for a hospital stay if needs be. But funding is low and we need your help. Tell people about us, go and visit the blog at liv-n-on-the-streets.com and learn more. Thank you in advance.

homepage: homepage: http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/feeding-and-clothing-the-homeless