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Tanks For The Memories.....

Upping the ante?
Who gave this order?

oakland 26.Oct.2011 13:19


Oakland PD Tank last night at OWSA camp area.

Photo on the right, isn't a tank 27.Oct.2011 17:36


an armored car.

Tanks are the largest, caterpillar-tracked armored fighting vehicles with a single large gun.

There are other caterpillar-tracked armored vehicles which are primarily made for carrying armed troops (typically a squad) -

those are named, armored personnel carriers (APCs)

some APCs are wheeled vehicles too.

Police departments typically do not have APCs; but many of the larger cities' PDs have purchased APCs -- for example, old surplus U.S. military M113 APCs, which have caterpillar tracks (and thus to some, "look sort of like a tank") are used by many bigger-sized police departments in the United States.