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Need proof it's a farce?

Yen remains strong after hitting record high in NY
OK, you've got a country that has three nuclear meltdowns with which they haven't deal with sufficiently, are continuing, daily, to release radiation from not only the doomed plants, but also spreading the cancerous bounty throughpout the country and the rest of the world with its 'decontamination' process, incineration of debris, lack of control over the disposition of contaminated water into the ocean, and the lack of control over food. The monetary debt from this alone is unimaginable. So how is its currency rising against the dollar?

Pretty simple...It's a sham, a farce. There are simply no outside influences that matter, as the economic movers and shakers prove once again how insulated their play-world is from the real world.

Original article at  http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/26_16.html.