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the people will occvpy

tvrf wars
cranksters do speed tvrf fights in camp its political naw i jvst do bvisness down here one occvpatriot holds another occvpatriot down povnds him in the face a lady says shes done secvrity work at events before bvt cant handle seeing this kind of violence svpose she dosnt need to be here the gangsters are the 99 percent hope the people dont all kill eachother so the camp is rvnning perfectly this place is a thovsand years old and brand new all at once people i know live here their apartments costing them a fortvne all lost this tent city the fvtvre for amerika like the comvnist vnions in greece self absorbed drvnk jvnkies are worse than police nice to see the drvnk pvnx vp early doin stacks of dishes for food not bombs perhaps its not so bad tall all tatoos shivers grim in the cold dogs all barking street folk convers with sighn langvage a zombie tells me a zombie is 2 fried eggs and a beer department of child services raids camp with 3 pdx police they are here to kidnap the camps children its illegal to be a hovseless mother in amerika its a sad day when the sate goes after the children of revolvtion camp people clear leaves as the fire marshal does a walk through one of the vets the one that has been at all the meetings since before the occvpation started is on a stretcher posible heart attack i yell ovt to him stay strong if he falls this will be a dark day for the revolvtion for he is a trve soldier and occvpatriot a well dressed man yells ovt im going to shoot someone if they dont get food into the shelters this is war