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(Hella) Occupy Oakland, large camp being broken up

in the early morning of Oct 25, the Occupy Oakland camp in Frank Ogawa Plaza (renamed Oscar Grant plaza) is being dispersed by police. They got their start a few days after Portland's, and grew to a couple hundred tents, with a similarly styled general assembly.

At least 40 were arrested so far, but there wasn't much battery involved (going by early reports). The city has stopped the transit stops near downtown. It's a developing situation.
Their livestream is still going if you read this in the morning, oct 25.

Live text update of events.

While riot police arrived with weapons, there was no riot this morning and some police acted decently (in contrast to previous incidents where officers were ordered to open fire with wooden dowel guns upon peaceful sign carriers at the Oakland docks, protesting shipment of goods to Iraq).

 link to www.youtube.com

Instead, on the livestream, residents are just discussing how they will go back as soon as the city steam-washes the plaza. At the same time, the livestream people are discussing that twitter is filled with rubber bullet claims and incidents with certain police officers somewhere downtown, yet the people running the camera didn't see it.
A similar sequence of events happened in the first days of the San Francisco Occupy on the other side of the Bay bridge - the city kept knocking it down, and then participants would come rebuild the kitchen and other tents, like a hive of bees.

indymedia doesn't have edited video up at this point, so here is ABC's initial film clip

Update: large 4pm protest leads to tear gas 25.Oct.2011 18:25


(the livestream was only going as the event happened, then they returned to prior video)

It looks like over 100 were arrested this morning - most of them 'voluntary' civil disobedience arrests. Several hundred more were not arrested, and they called their friends and organized a march starting at 4pm.
As I type at 6pm, it looks like there is a semi-escalated situation in downtown Oakland where police have blocked downtown at Broadway, and have used both 'flashbangs' and pepper spray in missile form.

KGO TV has gone to a live helicopter shot, and I'm seeing people holding signs, and laying down in the street as they face a police line. Police seem to be handcuffing selected people.

I can't tell if everyone is getting taken in to the jail (encirclements of entire protests often happens in California) or if these are civil disobedience volunteers.
Here is the live text update:

Here is video and photos from earlier today:
Indybay  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/10/25/18694984.php
SF Chronicle  link to www.sfgate.com

update 25.Oct.2011 20:43


early video of tear gas cans being deployed in Oakland when large crowd starts tossing things at police. Oakland has dry winds from the east, 40mph gusts today.