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Open Letter #3 Eug to PDX Eug City Council Votes 5 to 3 Exempt Camping Ban for Occ Eugn.

More to follow. Cheers erupt throughout Occupy Eugene hillsides.
At 10PM on October 24, 2011, the City Council of Eugene Oregon voted 5 to 3 to suspend camping ordinance and recognize Occupation Eugene protest encampment at east end of Amazon Park. Mayor Kitty Piercy, although supportive, did not vote because council pluralilty passed the measure without her. Twenty Occupy Eugene activists adressed the council in a 2 1/2 debate. The cite is directly across the Willamette River from downtown Eugene.

Activists and homeless cried tears of joy, people in sweaters and ties hugged street family in black caharts they barely knew.

Both the council and the delegation from Occupy Eugene recognized the importance of showing the public a responsible policy regarding alchohol, fire, dogs, and other issues that were raised. Even conservative councilers who voted against the camping ban exemption recognized the importance to standing up against the robber baron 1% and solving the homeless issue plagueing the 99%.