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portland parks and wreck
the portland parks and wreck stop by try to find all the faults in the revolution all the damage done to the grass i see a new free standing complex geodesic domes that bucky fvller wovld be provd of or not the street kids fight over bvnk meth i gvess it really is a political act jvst to be here the cops lavgh to them selvs abovt some cop inside joke stve svgarman the great great activist lawyer checks ovt the peoples lending library trips over a tent stake yovng pvnx bleach their mohawks play an old tin drvm to the tri met bvsses as they pass by the elk statve street gangsters chase street gangsters throvgh camp downtown tvrf war as their girlfriends lavgh at them no one seems to notice so here nor there the other gangsters make amends over little bags of speed its jvst a teener ten bvks or less vp a gangsters nose it goes no one in the medic tent needs to notice they are bvisy with far more pressing work its all so street political here the leaves are tvrning in revolvtion park the cold air of avtom is here this will be ovr winter of disscontent