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Beautiful photos from 1st days of Occupy Portland

These are the best images from a photo essay of the first days of Occupy Portland. Below there is a link to the new site where I have collected the best of Indymedia photo essays and now photo essays & films from around the world.
More at:


I changed the name of the web site where I have a collection of the best of my Indymedia photo essays to, pileofprints.com (the old link to the site should still work as well) The new name is kind of anti-photography as a fine art name -- or a way for me to do that kind of work in my own way.

If you want to see just how in the face I can be with fine art photography check the new version of a film that premiered here.


It is also amazing to me how amazingly clear, large and without youtube commercials I can now stream videos.


homepage: homepage: http://www.pileofprints.com/