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MENA overexposure in the news

I always take note when I hear three MENA-related stories in a row on the radio
I always take note when I hear three (or more, but I haven't heard four in a row yet) MENA (Middle East North Africa) related stories in a row. It happened today on the noontime NPR news break (on OPB):
1. The Iranian-American suspect in the plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US has pleaded not guilty

2. A suspect in a terror case in Massachusetts is suspected (or has been charged) with providing material support to terrorists. He allegedly has connections to Yemen, and allegedly translated some Al Qaeda texts.

3. US ambassador in Syria has been recalled

4. non-MENA related

I happened to take note of the same phenomenon last month on Morning Edition (on OPB):
1. Libya coverage
2. jailed hikers in Iran
3. story about US supply route in Afghanistan
4. non-MENA related

What do you call it when a good chunk of the populace is down and/or out, and their news resources, which ideally should help them understand what's going on around them and why, are instead deluged with information about places half a world away?