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Photos from Portland March - No message?

These are a bunch of photos from Oct 6th. They are mostly signs. I am posting these to counter the corporate media lies about people having no message.

The corporate media is owned by the 1% and does their bidding. This means they are always attacking any democratic movement. For a long time, the super rich have managed to keep people focused on each other - side to side. This has kept people divided. Now the Occupy movement is looking up at the super rich. The real issue is up and down, not side to side.

One of the ways that Occupiers everywhere have been attacked by the super rich through their media mouthpiece is by saying that people have no real message, they don't know why they are there. This is not true so these are a bunch of photos from the rally and march on Portland Oct 6th. I believe they show quite clearly that people know why they are there and who their enemy is.
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