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Video: Good Jobs - No Cuts Portland to Vancouver Solidarity Bridge Crossing10.22.11

Hundreds and hundreds gather on 10.22.11 to cross the I-5 bridge on the Oregon / Washington border in Solidarity! to demand "Good Jobs and No Cuts". Occupy Portland and Occupy Vancouver join in the march and the demands. This is a video of the bridge crossing recorded from the Washington side.
Portland Activist and Citizens [a group of estimated under 1000 people] demanding Good Jobs and No Cuts joined with Vancouver Activists and Vancouver Citizens in a walk across the I-5 Interstate Bridge on Saturday 10.22.11. The I-5 bridge sidewalk was was filled end to end as the 99 percent from Occupy Portland and Occupy Vancouver joined with Jobs With Justice and Union Organizations to form one solid line across the state line.

This clip is just one part of the march and and this event continues in the next video, which I will be posting, right here on Portland Indymedia

Good Jobs - No Cuts Portland Vancouver Solidarity Bridge Crossing10.22.11
[7 min. video clip]

For more information about this event and more like it -- look on www.jwjpdx.org

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