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Difference Between and Occupation and a Protest

What is the difference between an occupation and a protest?
An occupation is a step ramped up from a protest. In a protest, you beg power to give concession to your demands. In an occupation, power and corporate media comes to you and you can either talk to them or ignore them. You make a small society to replace the broken one, you bond with many difference allies.

Thanxs 23.Oct.2011 19:16


sweet !!!!

Criticism hidden from public view 23.Oct.2011 23:05

Former Occupier

Down the memory hole go dissenting opinions - no one may challenge the party line!

reply 24.Oct.2011 00:04


"Down the memory hole go dissenting opinions - no one may challenge the party line! "

I have hidden your other comments... I did not hide this one so that I could respond to it. In 1999 when Indymedia started, commenting was something new and at that time it was effective. Now, millions of people sit at home and post endless streams of opinions online. It is all just noise. This is not to say your opinion is wrong or right, but rather it is to say it doesn't matter. Indymedia is here to promote action. You sitting there as another one of those millions posting opinions serves no purpose. It is NOT action. It is NOT revolutionary. It is entirely mainstream. You have been co-opted.

There has been discussion regarding doing away with comments altogether. Numerous people want to. Better though is a more sophisticated CMS software that gives more user functionality. When comments work well by adding additional content on an article it works beautifully, but most of the comments are empty. This is a news site for people working for social and environmental justice to report on what they are doing. Not to sit at home in their own despair and shit on the efforts of others. There is far too much negativity and tearing down of the efforts of others. It is because people do not believe that anything can change so they chew on each other.

If you go out and actually do something creative rather than complain, your story, photos, audio etc will be very very welcome here. I look forward to that. If you post comments like this, I will hide them. Someone else may unhide them. I doubt anyone will, but it could happen. That is how it goes. I don't believe there is a party line amongst the people who have editorial access. Not regarding the occupation. There is however, a general consensus (with individual flavors) that the common behavior of tearing down those who attempt to do something serves no purpose and is in fact destructive.

Personally, I think this original article is of little use and could also be hidden. It is not news and is the barest of commentary. But I guess it has squeaked over the line (a moving line) since my hand does not seem to be hitting the hide button. I am not posting this to have discussion on it, but to inform why your comments were hidden and why other such comments will be hidden. So if you have something you want to say on the subject of Indymedia and how it can be useful, come find me in the camp. I welcome fruitful dialogue.

If you do not want to participate in occupy portland (and you are not the only one) then you can take the time you put towards these comments and find good articles from other occupations you like better and post them. There are not really (m)any good sites I've found where you can get solid up-to-date Occupy news from around the country and world. Help make PDX IMC such a site!

the difference 24.Oct.2011 03:06

Guy Debord

In a protest you are a spectator.

In an occupation you are a participant.

I found David Rushkoff's take on this very interesting 26.Oct.2011 11:41

Jody Paulson

He says that instead of being a traditional protest, the Occupy movement is actually modeling a new kind of society.

Occupy Wall Street beta tests a new way of living
 link to www.cnn.com