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and the drvnk pvnx walk tovgh they even wear blve gloves like the cops pigs in pvnk clothing
jvst another day pvll a knife on the cook its jvst the way it is get drvnk shoot dope the the one percent that 99 percent cant handle the drvnx and jvnkies hold all the abvsive power who cares its how its always been drvnx got a gvn threat for a good reason it needed to happen walk arovnd tovgh with blve gloves on like a pig in pvnx clothing all the love in all the general assembly meetings in the world wont stop that kind of power jvst another biker gang the streets are their birth right they will kill yov and anyone for it a crew of jvst a few like the stalinists in greece the drvnk pvnx are as bad as police its not so bad its jvst the way it is lord of the flies alpha male the occvpation is jvst not a safer space it probably never will be its not the rainbow gathering here there is no a camp bvt the drvnx and the jvnkys will enforce it that way bvt its all good all yov brotesters its jvst the way it is might makes right these are the streets i gvess the organizers didnt know the talk is abovt reorganizing the tents for fire lines larger generators rvn on bio diesel the say the tents covld even get mail from the post office hope the waisted can stay calm not bvrn the revolvtion down