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Solidarity Requested to Counter Military Recruitment in Our Schools

The Portland School Board is scheduled to vote this coming Monday (Oct.
24th) on a resolution to grant "equal access" to counter-recruitment
groups. The War Resisters League and other local activists have been pressing the school board on this matter for some time, and this resolution has a good chance of passing.
There are no guarantees, of course.

I would really like to pack the auditorium on Monday night to show that
the community is behind equal access for counter-recruiters in our

I am encouraging a low key but solid show of support--just lots of
supporters holding small "equal access" signs throughout the auditorium.
We have already given the board plenty of comment and protest on this

So please do your best to show up, and bring a friend or two. The school
board meeting begins at 5pm at the PPS administration building, 501 N.
Dixon St. (2 blocks north of NE Broadway at the east end of the Broadway
Bridge). The business agenda is scheduled to come up at about 6:30pm. I
suggest you get there at least by 6pm.

John Grueschow

The Military & Draft Counseling Project
War Resisters League - Portland Chapter


homepage: homepage: http://www.wrlpdx.org/
phone: phone: 503-238-0605

Applicability of THE CHILD SOLDIER PROTOCOL in the United States 23.Oct.2011 18:38

From WILPF Fact Sheet

From the Women's International League for Peace and Freeedom's FACT SHEET on the Applicability of THE CHILD SOLDIER PROTOCOL in the United States

"On October 3, 2008, Congress passed the Child Soldiers Accountability Act, prohibiting the recruitment or use of child soldiers in armed conflict. However, while a laudable legislative feat, the Accountability Act applies the principles of the Child Soldier Protocol only to other countries. The U.S. has yet to apply this internationally binding law to its own practices of recruitment, education and placement of children in direct hostilities.

"Key Recommendations to the U.S. from the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child


"Criminalize abusive, deceitful and harassing methods used by military recruiters to recruit children against their will or without their parents' consent or knowledge.

"Ensure recruitment does not target racial and ethnic minorities, children of low-income families and other vulnerable socio-economic groups.

"Raise the minimum age for recruitment into the armed forces to 18 years old.

"Ensure recruits under the age of 18 years old are adequately informed of all duties and risks associated with military service."

For further information, please see

In solidarity.

Can't make it, but would like to support? 23.Oct.2011 18:39

E-mail works, too

Contact the School Board about the importance of equal access.

E-mail:  schoolboard@pps.net