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Occupy Sydney and Occupy Melbourne brutally shut down

Viv Miley, a participant in Occupy Sydney, told *Green Left Weekly* the police moved in and told people they had to move immediately or would be arrested. He said groups of occupiers linked arms and began chanting, before police began violently dragging people off... A rally had already been called in Martin Place for next Saturday, October 29 in support of the call for global rallies by the Occupy movement in support of a Robin Hood tax on global financial institutions. Miley said: "The occupation showed there is a lot of hope and inspiration by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the movement in Spain. It has captured people's imagination.

[According to The World Socialist Website:] A violent operation, involving hundreds of riot and mounted police, the Critical Incident Response Unit, the dog squad and plainclothes officers, was launched yesterday against the Occupy Melbourne protest camp. At least 95 people were arrested, many after being brutally assaulted by multiple police officers. Demonstrators were kicked, punched and blinded with capsicum spray. One was hospitalised after two police pinned him to the ground while another kicked him in the groin... http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/49176

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