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So my apartment has been searched

Cops in my apartment.
So I come home to my apartment and I'm spending some time with my brother when a neighbor knocks on my door. She tells me that the cops were at my apartment today and searched it. She tried to talk them down, they supposedly had a warrant and were supposedly looking for an older man who's description I didn't fit. I don't believe this as my father's house recently had homeland security in front of it. I'd imagine I'm up shit creek at this point and there is little I can do....but any advice would be appreciated.

contact cldc or nlg 22.Oct.2011 11:11

get a lawyer bro!

I'd definitely recommend contacting the Civil Liberties Defense Center or the National Lawyers Guild (or both!)


Solidarity and <3 to you!

Get some info from Portland Copwatch 27.Oct.2011 19:26

innocent advisor

Incident Report Line (503) 321-5120
Portland Copwatch