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Occupy PDX supports Occupy Vancouver

6-Good Jobs for All! No Cuts!
March from Portland to Vancouver.
Saturday, Oct. 22 at 11 am
# 6-Good Jobs for All! No Cuts!
March from Portland to Vancouver
Saturday, Oct. 22 at 11 am

Meet at the field just off I-5 Exit 308 to Jantzen Beach* to march across the I-5 bridge for a Noon Rally at Esther Short Park* in Vancouver

Many have participated in powerful Portland Rising events on April 16th and June 30th. This time it will be Portland Rising AND Vancouver Rising as we connect struggles on the two sides of the river. In addition to supporting union campaigns, we will also be sending a message to Senat or Patty Murray, co-chair of the Congressional "Super-Committee," which is poised to make cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, that these programs should not be cut one cent!

The times have been changing in the last weeks. The occupations of Wall St., Portland, and other places are highlighting the fact that there are plenty of resources in our society - it is just that the 1% is grabbing all this abundance for themselves. At the very least, we have enough resources for good jobs for all and an enhanced safety net! Join us! This is a great time to come out and help make the changes we need.

* Portland meeting place: We will meet at the field just off of Northbound I-5 Exit 308. The field is on the East side of I-5, between the highway and Taco Bell. Parking is available on N. Jantzen Street. and other side streets. The #6 Tri-Met bus stops at N. Jantzen St. Go here for a map:  https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=205770129512450452304.0004ae4b0e00e9ac22372&msa=0

* Esther Short Park is at West 6th and Esther Streets in Downtown Vancouver

Cell Phone Video 22.Oct.2011 14:47

Joe Anybody ((( i ))) iam@joeanybody.com

Portland Rising

Bridge Crossing in solidarity for Good Jobs For All

This is a short cell phone video clip from hotel worker in Vancouver - at the rally
(1)  http://bambuser.com/channel/iamjoeanybody/broadcast/2068030

A speaker at Ester park rally in Vancouver from my cell phone
(2)  http://bambuser.com/channel/iamjoeanybody/broadcast/2068014

full video coming soon
Around 250 to 300 people were involved in this protest for Good Jobs For All