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The People's History; The Occupy Portland Library

The Occupy Portland Library continues to grow with more books, workshops, and records of the movement.
Today, while conducting an interview with Matt, a volunteer librarian at the Occupy Portland Library, a woman walks in to schedule a workshop on genetically modified food. Other folk move in and out, some asking about workshops, others picking up a book or zine. The library consists of two blue tarp structures devoted to the vision of open education for all. No student loan debt included. One structure is a meeting place where anyone with a desire to teach can advertize a workshop. Workshops have ranged from poetry to political rhetoric, crocheting, and know your rights training. Next door is a library with shelves of books, zines, and other publications. It is running on a modified honor system, asking for return of the publication or replacement with something equally as enlightening. There is an emerging collection of protest movement literature. Workers also catalogue the notes from each night's General Assembly meeting. Matt, an enthusiastic volunteer, explained to me the importance of memory for a protest movement. Indeed, it seems this movement is one for the ages. The library is working hard to ensure that the People's voice is always remembered.