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Second issue of The Occupation Times

The second issue of the weekly print zine newspaper The Occupation Times is now up, including news on the worldwide occupation movement.
The Occupation Times is a weekly printed zine newspaper for the occupation movement. This one covers occupations in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Indonesia. It says on the back that it's meant to be widely and freely distributed, and I hope someone in portland is able to bring some to the occupation!

homepage: homepage: http://www.occupationtimes.com

Occupation Times Plus 21.Oct.2011 19:04


Please note that there will be a hearing on Sunday October 23rd downtown at 3:30 PM at the Terry Shrunk Plaza. The information table has copies of local goals and issues which occupiers have written and number 54 so far. Pick up your copy, vote on the list and add your own issues to be presented at the discussion on Sunday. This list will be presented to the general assembly. We'll also bring copies of the original New York Declaration which lists issues not covered on the local list, especially those re: corporate cruelty to animals and destructive factory farms.