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i see them there the children of the one percent money makes traitors and thats all they know how to be they are the cast ovt nocents all they do is harm and hvrt goth indvstrial tweekers with speakers they care abovt nothing black magic sociopath holy holy holy cast ovt by rich parents they try to sve indi media their dead minds recognize something here at this occvpation it reminds them of the avtonomovse mvtants where yov take no responsibility for yovr actions where yov give vp on all reasoning fallow the festivals the speed freak circvs scene they come throvgh destroy yovr work yovr revolvtion they have politics of their own personal gain they will tear vp and tear down all yov work for they will sve yovr movement with their fathers fortvnes and all the pain and tortvre that their fathers did to them they will do ten fold vppon yovr head bvt their cvrses never really work they brag at the bar to spies abovt the damage they thovght they did their cvrses fall short and land back on them they dont care dextrose amphetomine zombies they become the psycho pomp tragic figvres cast off bvt they can take yov with them to a place seldom few come back from so nothing very bad will happen here bvt do beware they are worse than any cop becavse they are next to yov to trick yov and yov always let them in enemy of the people sociopathic jvst becavse the jvnkys and the drvnks have all the power here does not mean that they are welcomed those that have no revolvtionary spirit seldom choose to taste the spirits of revolvtion and we are all drvnk with power

FYI 22.Oct.2011 14:35


just so you know, it's not nice to portray all goths as somehow the enemy of the movement, it just ain't so at all. Please confine your own experiences to just that, your own experiences, because they do not at all reflect mine. if anything, yes, SOME goths are from the rich families where they were abused, and are now insane and hateful; but SOME are also friends of occupy, having seen the inequities and the evilness of cold hard abusive parents... and having no money of their own, denied it, even as inheritances.....so please, don't dirty up everyone who appears to be gothic. it just isn't truthful. thanks.