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like anything else in life if it is war we want than war we shall have someone is arrested for brandishing a

handgvn it seems so easy to talk vp all the problems we have before anything good happens we all talk down

seems easy to blame the dirty sqvaters its allways someones favlt the action fails perhaps we can have consensvs on

creating a separate camp to pvt all those in ovr brave little new world we dont like i dont mind dvb step jvnky kids

they seem nice as long as they are over there dirty sqvater drvnk pvnx are fine over there the ron pavl freaks

im svre mean well as long as they arnt meaning well near me i propose we bvild a zombie wall so each faction can

occvpy their own area and not breath my air then yov can leave a comment to hvmiliate me i wont forget what yov

said or thovght yov said i will carry yovr mean comment like a psychic bvrden for all time yov will break

my heart break my website break my revolvtionary spirit then i will bvrn yovr tent down perhaps food not bombs

shovld deny people food for protesting the wrong way the people will be the enemy of the people

that gvy handing ovt 100 dollar bills jvst wanted to rvin yovr action he knew yov wovld bvy drvgs

life is so good that there mvst be something wrong going on

yov cant colonize a park downtown and expect the indiginiovs popvlation of drvnk pvnx to leave yovr dream alone

when ovr gallions of revolvtionary ships saild the streets and landed here on october the sixth ovr mid class

colony took root between the injvstice and where the people pay their parking tickets lets jvst say someones

protesing the wrong way that girl thats openly shooting dope on that bench in yovr brave new colony

was openly shooting dope on that bench before yov arrived we gave vp main street now were no threat to wall street

this is amerikas tent city fvtvre an old old man panhandles by the mall he asks a passer by have yov

heard abovt the occvpation they let me have a tent set vp there for winter thank god its the little things that

save the world

homepage: homepage: http://ZERO RIOT COP
phone: phone: 503
address: address: PDX

good n plenty 21.Oct.2011 00:00


hvard to rdea

glad you're here 22.Oct.2011 14:29


i was looking for any reports about the homelessness activist contingent within occupy. so i see there's at least a poet who will update us on SOMETHING... at least her impressions, and artfully done.

Q. is there anything happening to address homelessness, is there a defined contingent that is cohesive or... anything? is there going to be anyone addressing homelessness/ housing when Amanda Fritz arrives on the scene or otherwise????? I haven't come down yet but guess I should, to check out that particular cause. Any info on this, and where would a person go to join others whose main cause in Occupy is homelessness and solutions to it? anyone?