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give me liberty or give me cable television!
npr fires freelance correspondent lisa simeone for going to occupy protests


better watch out , better not pout,
big brothers claws is coming to your town

he sees you when your sleeping
he knows when your awake
he knows when you've freely associated
so dont for evil's sake!

and who says were paranoid?!
they dont need to give marching orders
its clear

you're either with them or against them
so don't do anything
that might make satan angry
or big brother
depending on your religious preference
mark of the beast?
unamerican activities?
freak npr
i told you they were as independent as iranian state tv
welcome to 1984
knock knock at your front door
its the secret police
they've come for your uncool niece!
take you quietly to boot camp
. . . . .
dead kennedys - california uber alles

Nobody said you would 20.Oct.2011 15:42


get to keep your job while overthrowing capitalism. folks will have to sacrifice. just saying...