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Condi Rice protest?

How did Condi Rice protest go?
Want details!

short report back 20.Oct.2011 10:57

joe A

80 to 100 activist
theater / skit / loud chants
dozens of cops
arrest citation for Condi was ignored by the police

no arrests ...Condi is still free

full video coming soon
here is a short low quality cell phone clip

Video: Arrest Warrant for Condi Rice - Portland Oregon 20.Oct.2011 23:57

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com


This is was filmed at the Condi Rice protest in Portland on 10/19/11

I will post one more video clip from this action here asap

2 videos (plus one bonus clip) 24.Oct.2011 07:49

joe A

(1) Arrest Warrant for Condi Rice in Portland Oregon 10.19.11

(2) Interviews at Condi Rice protest in Portland

Conversations with police [At Condi Rice protest in Portland]