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solidarity from greece! & general strike updates

Here's some info about what's currently going on in Greece right now: big demos, a general all sector wide strike and shutdown of the economy.
updates and analysis about the currently ongoing general strike in greece:


solidarity message from athens, greece:

OCCUPY PLANET EARTH / 15 Oct. Global Day of Action - 19 & 20 Oct. National General Strike in Greece

This is a message of International Solidarity from Athens Greece for all the People around the World fighting against Totalitarianism, Inequality & Exploitation

All of us, the millions of angry, rebel, indignant that we met in the streets and squares of the Earth in the summer of 2011, we know now where the Parliaments and Corporations are leading us. The humiliation of work, the depletion of social wealth, the destruction of the Planet, the war and the existence of borders, the economic-social and political inequality, the massive stupefaction and the exploitation transform the society in a concentration camp for obedient , "flexible" and hypnotized slaves.

Points of intersection between the world of slaves and the world of FREEDOM are all our needs and all our desires... Although all these are a source of joy, love, co-existence and brotherhood for us, for the State and Market laws are just merchandise and sources of profit.
The Health, the Water, the Education, the Electricity, the Social Culture, the Art, the Information, the Communication, the Natural Environment, the Housing, the Public Space as they become fields of marketing and exploitation they also become ​​fields of social war.

The social war is one of daily survival, a constant struggle between the world of humanity & mutual care and the world of profit... A Social War between the world that knows how to share the pain and the joy and the world that knows how to grab, how to impose and to conspire. A war between the world of Money and the world of Total Freedom, Social Solidarity and the End of blackmailing coercion.

These two opposing worlds have become obvious. Our plans are at war with their plans. Here, Now, Always and Everywhere! We will create countless, small and large dissident collectivities which will based on shared desires and needs and they will cause direct rifts into the way we live, the way we think and the way we fight.

We Will Take our Lives Back in our hands. We Will OCCUPY PLANET EARTH!
We Will not Live Like slaves!

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[Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts]
Athens,London,New York,Rio De Janeiro