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An Expatriots View of the Character of the 'Occupy' Movement

an incoherent rant.
This is in response to someone who was one here saying that the movement was being dismissed because it had mayoral support. I don't think anyone feels that way. I said, as always, 'fuck the police, fuck the mayor,' but that's me. I think the mayors a weak ineffectual coward and the Police are too dumb to be given guns and state sanction to do whatever the hell it is they do, but that's just me.

But I want to point out one thing, and it's something more than worth noting; it's fundamental to the movement. This whole thing, what we're here putting our faith and our energy in, our original call to stand up, was called upon by a group called Anonymous. No matter what they say for idealistic reasons, they're Anarchists. If you've paid a half worth of attention to them, you know it, I know it, even Yahoo fucking news knows it. This was started off with an Anarchist character, it sure as hell most likely won't end with an Anarchist character. But it should still be noted, that this movement, after it was originally called upon, before the actual movement itself was called upon, was started off with a protest in San Fran against Police brutality. The San Francisco government tried to squash this movement by putting into action marshal law tactics and shutting down the internet. The San Francisco government, which protects San Francisco business interests, like the ones Barack Obama told "poor people cling to guns and religion." This website was more radically opposed to anarchists that week. Not to denigrate those of you out there who were protesting the people who called out action to the movement you're now engaged in, but obviously a true movement, or "revolution," is always evolving, and so are you. I wholly believe if push comes to shove you'd stand up, and stand up admirably.

That being said, if the police want to break away from their unions and stand in solidarity with us against the men who murdered...take your pick, if they want to break with the pseudo fascist mentalities of one for all and all for one beating unarmed mentally ill people to death cause...God knows why violent white trash does what it does, than I'll accept them at face value. Until then they only inspire fear and contempt in me, and even if you pretend to accept their fake ass institution out of reasons of patriotism, or whatever, you know they make you feel the same. There are men who are walking free who deserve nothing short than the harshest punishment for the most heinous of crimes. There are free men walking tonight who deserve nothing short of death. And in my revolution James Chasse gets his justice, and officers who murdered him, or any other man or woman who has ever been murdered or put to death, and been guilty of nothing more than being in place of bitter, hateful, vengeful white trash, who have no ideology, and are given a pension of OUR dollars; are given their come uppence; i.e. a fucking needle in their arm. God hates em and so do I.

If they want to be part of us, let them as men, as MEN, not as lackys for the state, prove it.

That being said, how ever this movement evolves, and wherever it leads; whether revolutionary or merely just a minor redistribution of wealth, it has my absolute support.