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the vets vet their lives before the occvpation jvst as so many others have fovnd they had been depressed now i see them

organized organizing the revolvtion the way they need it to be by any means nessvs they do art crimes to save the world

ovt of order they tell me they were lied to before their missions now they have a mission of their own

an interim mayor says nice things to the wingnvt that yells ovt the city bathrooms are all occvpied the mvmblers the pacers keep the

movement strong reagan provided vs with those soldiers 30 years ago where is the hit the weed area were is the slam the dope

bench remember folks when yov make yovr nasty coments on line that cigs will allways hold priority over food

drvgs alcohol money fame are all addictive show me open container corner and ill show yov back ally jvstice with a swift pvnch in the

face the @ political have all been politicized i wovldent mess with that faction of amerika this is what its like in downtown

anywhere on any night the hovseless vietnam vets that hated bvsh seem more right wing than anyone else i talk to

this is an opporvnity for those that have always been oppressed by cops to act like cops its not all that bad its jvst the way

it is on the streets a pit bvll called tank sqvares off with a beavtifvl doberman mic check mic check do yovr damn dishes

homepage: homepage: http://ZERO RIOT COP
phone: phone: 503
address: address: VSA

anok 19.Oct.2011 19:02


Right on man.

miss v 19.Oct.2011 19:41

see v soon

v is for understanding