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Cops Vs. Animals - Animals lose

Sheriff gives order to gun down 48 loose wild animals in rural OH after the lunatic who held them captive on his private game reserves released them, shortly before committing suicide (reasons not yet reported). Welcome to Red-State Heaven!
A long-time criminal who once did time for gun-running has apparently committed suicide at his ZANESVILLE, Ohio farm, not far from Columbus. The guy also kept a game reservses full of dozens of wild animals, mostly all large predators including tigers, lions, wolves, and grizzly bears. shortly before offing himself, he opened all the gates to the holding pens and set these animals loose.

Police/state troopers later gunned down most of the animals, because it never occured to these cops that TRANQUILIZING them might be an option. As of now, only a wolve and a money remain un-accounted for. The monkey is said to have a communicable disease - though it was perfectly legal for this guy to have been in possession of this animal as well. Six animals were captured alive and taken to the closest zoo. No reason was yet released, regarding the man's suicide. YES, he LEGALLY kept the animals. Because Ohio is a Republican free-market red state and most of the people there HATE any sort of govt. regulation telling them what to do.

Middle America: where God, guns, and the Right to keep wild dangerous carnivors as playthings reigns supreme!

 link to www.dispatch.com

This is another travesty where animals pay with their lives 19.Oct.2011 16:42


Yes disgusting! Not sure but I do believe the USDA is responsible for licensing and inspecting such facility. Another reason not to trust the judgement of this government. My sympathies go out to all the animals killed once again because of greedy and uncaring humans.