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my mind is clear my heart is pvre my intentions are jvst

at camp today there is a minot march with the occvpatriots a standing army the peoples grievance bravt to the door of bank amerika

police wander abovt camp scratch their heads its a new day of protest in amerika this a camp of revolvtionaries nordvwells

schizophrenias hovseless and hovsed yovng and old and gangsters or no whether anyone likes it or not this revolvtion is happening

homeless front and rich kids that cant pay back their stvdent loans we will all look good as we all go down crash and bvrn in style and

keep them gvessing no way to know what we will do cavse a psychic bvrden to the state of oregon to the state of the world

a man works clay portraits bvsts of camp residents or passers by the cops stand watch in confvsed amazement its the little things like

this that vltimately saves the world and the people storm the bank doors pvsh the gvards aside and go right in

we give yov notice of ovr intent yovr fired this the peoples pink slip get ovt get ovt the gvards say as i yell ovt into that great

echo of their great hall bank amerika off with their heads their may soon be a gvillotine waiting for yov perhaps we will dance arovnd

said gvillotine down by skidmore fovntain banks got bailed ovt we got sold ovt the rising tide is here and so we occvpy yovr towers

great halls and all

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Occupy Toronto Block Traffic 17.Oct.2011 20:02

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Occupy Toronto Block Traffic Snarling Down Town Rush Hour Today!  link to www.cbc.ca

Beautiful 18.Oct.2011 09:32


Romantarchists Unite!