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5,000 Studies Available on Negative Health Impacts of EMF / RF From Cell Phones / Wi Fi /

Although the media keeps repeating the mantra: "inconclusive" when reporting about the health effects of RF from wireless technology, thousands of studies CONFIRM otherwise. Do you think a 4 Trillion $ industry will let the corporate owned media tell you the facts? When was human life ever considered over corporate profits?
BRAIN SURGERY: Not Fun When it's You
BRAIN SURGERY: Not Fun When it's You

Authors - Date - System - Disease/ Symtoms/Bio-effects
Study Type -Technology - Frequency - Study Reference

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human lymphoma cellsIn Vitro Byus1994Hormonal/GenotoxicAlters melatonin, damages immune systemIn VitroELF "Alterations in Ornithine Decarbox Activity: a cellular response to Low-Energy Electromagnetic Field Exposure"Byus, Craig1996CancerTumor GrowthIn Vivo Cain, C., R. Jones, and R. 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