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Occupy Portland endorses Discharge the Debt Rally!

At last night's General Assembly there was nearly unanimous support for endorsing the Discharge the Debt Rally organized by Student Loan Justice Portland. The protest will occur on Monday, October 17th, at 12 noon in front of the US Bankruptcy Court located at the corner of SW 5th Ave and SW Salmon.
The endorsement follows.
source  http://www.occupyportland.org/

Proposal approved by 10/15 General Assembly

Occupy Portland will be demonstrating for student loan reform!

We are joining with the Discharge the Debt Rally being organized by Student Loan Justice Portland. The protest is planned for Monday, Oct. 17th. At 12 noon we will demonstrate outside US Bankruptcy Court located on the corner of SW 5th Ave and SW Salmon St.


Bankers have created a student loan bubble comparable to the mortgage meltdown. Student loan debt is approaching $1 trillion. Unlike other types of debt, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy court. This is unfair discrimination against the types of debt held by the poor and working classes.

From the Student Loan Justice fact sheet: "Student loans are the only loans in history to be exempted from bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, truth in lending laws, fair debt collection practices, refinancing rights, and state usury laws."

"The special collection powers exceed those for every other type of unsecured loan in the nation, and include wage, social security, and disability income garnishment without a court order, suspension of state professional licenses, and termination from public employment."

After graduation many students are unable to find employment in their field of study. They have no prospect of ever paying off their student loan debt and instead face a lifetime of debt servitude.

Event Demands:

* Restore consumer protection laws to the student loan industry.
* Restore discharge of all student loans (Federal and private) in bankruptcy proceedings.
* A comprehensive plan to forgive student loan debt.
* A higher education system based on grants and scholarships for everyone.
* A Congressional investigation into the collection practices of the student loan industry.

make your voice heard! 17.Oct.2011 22:06


Thank you to everyone who came out today! We made our voices heard. We learned new chants. Many of you shared your experiences with this predatory industry.

Now we will continue our campaign for fundamental reform of the student loan industry. Join our Facebook group "Student Loan Justice Portland". Type "Student Loan Justice" into the Facebook search field. If you don't see the Portland group, click "See more results for ..." at the bottom of the dropdown list. Please join the national group too.

 link to www.kgw.com


If you were not able to make it to the rally, you can still help the cause.

Please call the offices of the following members of Congress and request full discharge of all student loans (both Federal loans and private bank loans) in bankruptcy court.

Senator Merkley 503-326-3386
Senator Wyden 503-326-7525
Representative Blumenauer 503-231-2300
Representative Schrader 503-557-1324