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what about italy?

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I was just wanting to know what people thaught about what happened in italy taday? How thos effects the occupy wall street movement ect...

I would like to start the convetsation by saying I do not believe destruction of propperty is violent. The only violence I saw was from the police and the other occupy Rome participants who kicked and spat at the anarchsts. So what are other peopls thaughts?

anok 15.Oct.2011 20:05


Italians are passionate people. I only hope this might bring home how real the extent to which governments will go to stop this movement from succeeding. They'll put up with it in Liberal America, because they're mostly liberal Americans participating, and how worse to lose a voter than by having you shit for brains police force go down and curb stomp you cause you're holding up traffic:)

That being said, it finally happened. Yahoo fucking news of all media outlets today has posted an article about a protest movement in the United States of America, and attributed it, condoningly at that, to Anarchists.

I'm not an Anarchist, I just think that's really cool.