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One man takes on himself to help the Homeless of Portland.

Here in Portland People help each other. But one man has taken it on to teach the homeless to get off the streets and stay off.

"Every one wants to help these people." Says Anthony Antolic the founder of www.Liv-n-on-the-streets.com. "But few take responsibility for helping them." He continued on to say, as we sat out on a street corner. "I am out here every day doing what ever job I may have at the time and see the reasons that the homeless are out here." He got up off of the curb and said come with me. He then took me on a tour of what he jokingly calls his office. He then pulls out a can of soup with a pop top lid wrapped with a rubber band that was handing a plastic spoon and a prayer card. "This is what I do in my spare time. The money comes from sales off of an online store front that only funds Living On The Streets." The man with the Black jacket and red and black backpack says while he hand out food and emergency blankets to his homeless friends and He knows each of them by name. "It is important for me to build a relationship with the people out here or I can't help them"

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