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Legalization Campaigns, Info Wanted

Info wanted about Oregon marijuana campaigns.
I'm working on Initiative-502, Marijuana legalization, regulation, & taxation in Washington. I understand that efforts are also underway in Oregon. In fact, i read that there are or were three separate campaigns in Oregon. Would someone please summarize their current status.

Where can i obtain petition sheets for Oregon. I get people at my table from Oregon, & i tell them that there are petitions to sign in Oregon, but that i don't know where petitioners hang out. If i had sheets, i could help Oregon's efforts.

If anyone reading this is a Washington voter & wants to sign for I-502, i hang out at Vancouver Farmers' Market, & sometimes at Vancouver Community Library & Clark College. Please come & sign, & bring or send others.

We must fight the feds on their asinine & destructive war on a plant, & on people!