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I am not moving a short film occupy wall street! This is a great video everyone should see

Watch the video it is a repost.

The Video Was Great; However... 13.Oct.2011 13:03


The police were just as brutal when I was protesting the Vietnam War, but we did not "play up" the fact that some of the protesters were beaten and molested. Not many will show up if it appears that they are sure to get beaten and arrested. The police can only do that to a tiny fraction of the thousands who attend a protest.

You get to choose the level of hazards you are willing to accept. Even if they arrest you, there is a good chance you will not be beaten up, or face any serious charges (the charges are usually only very minor) unless you resist or make them drag you. It's legitimate to make them drag you off, but you can decide how much risk you want to accept. You will probably learn what tear gas smells like.

I would gracefully move back if people were throwing things, etc. (and tear gas canisters get very, very hot, so you will get badly burned if you try to pick them up with bare hands). You don't want to get trapped on bridges, or in dead ends. Keep an eye out because they sometimes attack from behind, especially if people are not all around you. You want to have maps, and local bus and train schedules (and some hidden cash) since you will not be staying there forever. A backpack with a change of clothes would be handy. You will want moldable "silly putty" ear plugs, and some cans of noodle soup (and small can opener), and some water (in a plastic container that will never leak). Hiking boots will protect the feet, and instill confidence. Bring nothing you are not prepared to lose.

Attending large protests does not have to be very risky; you decide the level of resistance you are willing to assert (and risk you will accept).