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condoleezza torture fundraising at portland state university: open letter to PSU faculty

sarcastic torture sanitization through the cloudy halls of academia

oregon convention center
19 october 2011
protest gathers at 5pm
 link to www.scribd.com
open letter to PSU faculty

a letter to Polisci craig carr and Mark O Hatfield School of Governement head Ron Tammen and Kinsella Polisci chair

RE: Condoleezza Rice Torture Fundraising at Portland State University

craig carr
regarding your sarcasm or haphazard comment advocating the "rack" and saying waterboarding is not strong enough
as i sat in protest outside the university president's office

your positions taking money from a federal gvt which supports racist torture put you in a suspicious ethical light

i appreciate that you were perhaps making a joke and or a semantic point about the severity of waterboarding, or the way "waterboarding" is the tip of the iceberg for American Torture methods

so making jokes about waterboarding not being strong enough

is very hurtful to victims of US waterboarding


for impt ACLU FOIA on torture
and ABA complaints


repped by kevin zeese

bruce fein
against torture

gareth peirce against torture

i do not find this a laughing matter and yes indeed waterboarding is but one of our various systems of torture

be careful that sarcasm will prevent your actual meaning from being understood

i do not think waterboarding victim abu zubaydah would find funny jokes about the lack of severity of waterboarding
after 83 instances of waterboarding 2002 in the month of august alone

please stand with Students Against Torture and read more about the PSU Foundation accepting torture advocate Condoleezza Rice speaking engagement.


250/500 dollar tix
also they are taking 5000 $ for a photo with condi

why are we fundraising with someone who lied to the senate about torture?

andy worthington is a scholar of gitmo

and please read the gitmo files before you make denigrating torture jokes
or jabs
a Student Against Torture

i really would like some solidarity from staff here

eng, mary

Mary: Doesn't Freedom of speech apply here?? 12.Oct.2011 15:44


even though you don't agree with Condi - shouldn't she be allowed to speak.....or you only support Freedom of Speech on a conditional basis?

HmHzrdBFFayZcpfiWj 10.Jan.2015 01:57

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