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OCCUPY WALMART Portland Can We Make This Happen After What Went Down On Tuesday?

After what happened to Kevin Hayes in Portland Federal Court on Tuesday. I feel it is time to stand up to the worlds largest corporate tyrant. Portland I feel now is the time for a OCCUPY WALMART movement!
Was down at the Mark O Hatfield Federal Court House on late Tuesday afternoon. I had read the article about Kevin Hayes plea for help in his lengthy article on his civil rights battle against WalMart. The article was posted by Mr. Hayes on Monday morning here at Portland Indy Media. After reading the article I realized that the local Portland Jewish community could care less about what WalMart has done to this disabled Jewish man. I posted on late Monday night that we should stand up to WalMart let WalMart know how we feel about the corporate tyranny that has condoned the abuse of an employees civil rights. The history of this company has been well documented and it can not be denied. In my post I called for us to stand up to WalMart on Tuesday. For the 99 percent community to have the courage to stand up to WalMart. We did not have to go far. Just right across the street. WalMart Reps are laughing at us and celebrating tonight.

On late Tuesday afternoon in Judge Ancer L. Haggerty court room, Attorneys for WalMart successfully fought Mr. Hayes motion for a continuance of trial. Thus denying Mr. Hayes the time needed to properly represent himself. Since he has been unable to find replacement counsel as he mentioned in his article on Monday. Mr. Hayes has not given any public comment or statement as of late Tuesday night. What transpired on Tuesday was basically David versus Goliath. Now David must fight Goliath with both hands tied behind his back. This is wrong on so many levels. Not one single word about this on any local Portland news station tonight. Do not want to bite the hand that feeds them. Portland newspapers like the Oregonian, Tribune, Mercury, and Willamette Week? Don't hold your breath. The Jewish Review? Do not even get me started on them. Mr. Hayes article gives the answer to that one. Certain prominent members of that community are cheering his major set back tonight. They are welcome to take a public stance on this issue at any time. For Mr. Hayes anytime over the last few years probaly would have been nice.

I think the Occupy Portland leaders should maybe extend an invite to Mr. Hayes and see if he is comfortable with speaking at a rally.
And maybe they could also see if they have any connections that could help him prepare for trial or see if a denial of a continuance can be appealed. I do not speak for either of the two. But I think they could each use the other ones help right now.

Three things have really inspired me and lit a fire in my belly. The Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Portland movement. And reading the Kevin Hayes article about his battle with WalMart and plea for help on Monday. With that being said I feel now is the time for OCCUPY WALMART. We watched the Supreme Court help WalMart trample on the civil rights of 1.6 million woman earlier this summer. We are sitting here watching the Federal Court in Portland do it's very best to help WalMart make Mr. Hayes the latest WalMart civil rights victim.

If we could get the ball rolling on what can and can not be done when protesting and rallying a big box store site??????????